The Word

Have you ever notice that the people who argue the Bible the most are usually ones who have never read it..?
It’s become such a popular trend to question the validity of the Word and its accuracy. These are understandable things to have questions about. The thing that changes it from a reasonable question to something that crosses over into offensive accusations is when you’ve never truly dived into truly trying to understand the Word but yet feel a need to “debunk” it.
Of course, everyone is entitled to an opinion, and to that, I say here is mine.

The Word Is Truth

God’s Word is Truth. Why you ask? Because the truth remains consistent, it is only a lie that changes so much. God’s Word was written centuries ago and it still holds truth and relevance in today’s world.  He is a God who does not live in time, He is there and here and in ten years from now. I know this seems hard to understand but I promise if you can read the Word with an open heart and truly seek Gods will within it, He will disclose some truth to you.

The Word Is A Guide

The Word is our roadmap. It has so many relevant things that even today we can find similarities and truth. He has thought it all out already. There are so many times in the Bible God speaks to people in ways they themselves, for that time period, didn’t understand, why? Because of us, our children, and your great grandparents.

God sees the whole picture. So in His Word, there are nuggets that can truly speak life into our circumstances. Something I’ve noticed is that Jesus spoke in parables a lot (stories). To me, that always seemed like such a roundabout and confusing way to speak. Until the Lord revealed to my spirit one day the reason why He did that.

As humans, we can agree that we can relate to stories. We can understand things better and even feel deeper by putting something into a story. God is too big for us to comprehend but one way He figured out how to give us a glimpse into the kind of love He has or the way He sees things is through story form, hence, the parables.

I love how He thinks ahead and plans things out accordingly. So it’s no surprise to find something relevant to your current circumstance within the pages of His Word and in those words find the strength to keep going.

The Word Is Our Greatest Weapon

A lot of people don’t realize the authority that the Lord has placed in the Word. Because God is Truth, and the Bible is His words on paper, making the Bible Truth, when we speak those words into our own lives with trust in the One Who spoke them over us we can be sure to see His glory unfold in our situations.

Anyone who knows the Word knows about the adversary the Lord warns us about, the devil. He is the complete opposite of Who God is. He also has plans but his plans aren’t for our good. He is not here to see you flourish in love, goodness, faith, life, health, relationships, nothing. His only goal is to stop you from seeing and believing in The Only One Who can provide a life of goodness and blessings.

Being once an angel himself he knows what God offers, he knows the place of promise and the life of eternity that awaits us beyond the grave. It is something that has been taken away from him. The place that waits for him is far worse than anything we have ever experienced or anything we could ever think up. He has been banished into all eternity on the day of God’s return.

So what’s he up to?

Well for one, no good. But to be more specific, his goal is to kill the dreams and passion God created us with, to destroy our connection with the spirit that longs for God within us, and to steal the joy from our everyday life that has been promised to us by our Creator.

So what do we do?

We use the Word to put the devil back in his place, under our feet. See, Jesus has already won the war with the devil. The only thing we need to do is be vigilant in not falling for his schemes and traps that he places in our way daily. That can look like anything from a perceived eye roll from a church member, to the wrong tone a family member said something in, to a temptress and infidelity, to a negative thought about your own body. He can confuse your mind by the videos and music you take in, to polluting your thought life with a stream of negative feelings about your own life (ahem!, Instagram/facebook?).

The Bible warns us to be vigilant of the devil’s schemes (a guide perhaps?). So our job is to read the Word, the Words the Lord spoke into existence and remind the devil and yourself just Who is on your side, what He’s already done, and what He is doing.

Remember, authority from the Bible comes from TRUST in the One who spoke it into existence.

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