God, Who??

I don’t know how many people who believe in God and those who haven’t even fully stepped into “that life” yet, struggle with making sense of Who God is.
I, however, know the struggle all too well.
I grew up in the church and when you grow up in the church you live this life that your parents kind of just placed on you, so you go with it.
You go to services and learn about Jesus as a kid and sing the songs they teach you.

Or, on the other end of the spectrum, you don’t grow up in the church and you’ve never heard of God and the thought of Jesus, and all He did, sounds strange and impossible to you.
Whatever place you find yourself coming from I can assure you that there is a God and He did send His son Jesus and as strange as that all sounds, the truth can be found in your life and how deep you decide to let Him into it.

A Real Person, Unexplainable, Our Creator

It is humanly impossible to understand God. He is beyond anything we could ever imagine and He does not live within time or logic. The human mind is far too simple and small to fit the magnificence of His presence within a thought, let alone a lifetime of thoughts.

If God was easy to figure out He would not hold the power and majesty that He does. He created absolutely everything into existence. Whether He created it round or flat, in 3D or in 2D, whether He made the sun to be a light bulb or the moon to be a sticker on the dark background of the night; it is His creation, His purpose is beyond our comprehension. He has a perfect plan and design for everything that comes into existence.
He is the reason for the wind, the sun, the birds, the breath in our lungs we know to be oxygen.
He’s the reason trees have life and a communication system of their own.
He is the reason your brain functions the intricate and marvelous way that it does.
He’s the wisdom behind scientist and their “discoveries”.
He is the reason your body can create another human being from scratch.
He is the reason your eyes see His wondrous creation, the reason your feet touch the ground every morning.

All this and more is God. This is barely touching the surface of Who He is and has been and will be. There is NO explaining Him. There is no beginning of Him and we will never know an end to Him. He is the reason we are here and the fact that the very mind He created questions His existence and yet we still breath is real enough for me.

If God, Then Why?

There are those who find it hard to accept and understand God because they see so much evil in the world. Every day you hear of people hurting people, people dying of hunger, people abused and abandoned. Yes, all this is horrible and saddening but every day people wake up and are allowed the right to make their own choices for their lives.
Does this hurt God’s heart? Of course. But We-The-People have turned away from the one who created it all, we’ve turned Him into a joke to be generationally mocked and then the world reveals the fruit of its choices and everyone turns to God to point the blame???

God is not someone who will force you into His love. He has allowed each of us the freedom to choose daily, what we say, who we love, who we help, and what we ignore. The world is in disarray, yes, but we are here, we are ambassadors of Christ. If He lives in us, as His Word says, then through us He helps others.


To say that we fully understand the Lord is to say that we know everything there is to know about what lies beyond our atmosphere. That the Universe is fully explored and understood.
Not even our oceans have been fully explored, how can we believe we’d ever reach a point where we will know His full potential in this lifetime?

Believing in God takes a true amount of faith, we don’t even believe in oxygen that strongly. We just assume it’ll be there. With Him, it is a daily continual faith that must be declared into your life.
The hardest part is getting past this point because once He shows up in your life the rest is HIStory.

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