Talking With God


I know far too often people make prayer out to be this big intricate spectacle when really it’s simply you talking with God.

A Conversation

What do we usually do when we find ourselves in a dramatic or stressful situation? We call a close friend or our spouse and begin to lay it out on the table for them.
What about when we get a promotion at work or finally got the baby to use the potty? We call someone we care about to share the good news with.
Some times it’s not even a big reason we call a friend up, some times we call just to talk or to catch up, or to share ideas with.

My point is that is the same mindset we should come into prayer with, just a conversation. In the Bible, it says pray constantly. Can you imagine how dreadful our minds would make that out to be if we thought of prayer as this high-priest-thou-art speech? We’d never do it, and sadly some never do.

It doesn’t have to be that complicated though.

When the Bible says to pray constantly it just means to keep God in your thoughts. Tell Him what you’re going through, share your ideas with Him, ask His thoughts on a situation, come to Him like He is the only opinion that matters.

A Hotline

Some people call hotlines for stress, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, depression, parenting or breastfeeding tips; sometimes to even win prizes or RAFFLES.
Prayer is that hotline. God is the One Who can fix those problems, He has the answers our souls are desperately seeking.

So why is it not the first place we turn?

Our perception of prayer is not in alignment with Who God really is. We still don’t see Him as our Healer, our Confidant, our Rescuer, our Light. But He is, He is all that and so much more.

A Battle Plan

Did you know that most, if not all, of your life’s hardships, can be fixed or healed with prayer? I know this sounds unreal, but it’s your idea of Who God is to you that is not making this truth real in your life.

Lately, I have been dealing with a lot of different things, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Wow, right?! But I believe it is all with purpose. He has been leading my spirit to deep prayer. Prayer that puts faith in God over all of it. Prayer that casts out demons and releases strongholds. Prayer that heals scars and transforms futures. Prayer that reveals Gods power and love over my life.

Why? He cares! He created us, why would He not care so much over His own craftsmanship? Don’t you feel proud and invested in the things you worked hard for and made yourself? How much more does our God, a God of unconditional love, care for us, His creation.

Prayer fixes, heals, and connects us to the Source of it ALL.


The hardest part of Christianity is not believing in a God Who created it all. It’s not in believing He was capable of sending Jesus to die for us. But it’s feeling unworthy and insignificant and still believing He did it all for you.


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