Where Is The Love?

My heart hurts for all those beautiful children out there who have parents who don’t really pay them any real attention. All those kids yelling for attention, screaming for affection, crying for love. All those kids who want a parent who will hug them when they cry and listen to their hurting heart. Kids who want their parent to read them even just one book at bedtime. A kiss on the forehead, a pat on the back. A parent who’d look at them in the eyes when talking to them instead of looking at their phone while aggravatingly yelling for the kid to just “grow up and stop crying”.

It hurts my heart to know there are children out there with parents who not only don’t have a clue what they are to do with this tiny human being but also don’t care enough to figure it out. The worst ones though? The ones completely oblivious to the fact that their harsh words are truly damaging that little child’s psyche.

It’s hard when you see a parent so desperate for love themselves that they neglect and reject their child’s needs for the sake of their possible “boo”.

No one is perfect and even those Pinterest ready moms you see at Target cry it out in the bathroom plenty-a-times. The difference has to be in how you value the relationship with that child. Also, to notice the science behind the effects our parenting will and does have on our children.
I just want to love on all the kids who need someone to remind them they matter, they aren’t a mistake, they have gifts and talents. To show them that love is an action, not just a word. I want to feed them a good meal while laughing at their silly kid jokes, I want to read them 5 bedtime stories and then just one more. I want to give them big hugs and give them a cute little secret phrase that just them and their mama would use.

We’ve all been hurt, some screwed up more than others but we all matter. We are loved and no one should go through life feeling abandoned or forgotten about.

Maya Angelou said
” Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better”

I think we can all grow from just that quote alone.
Let’s share love, smile at those you walk past, offer someone help, tell those around you that you love them but also investigate better ways they’d best receive love (5 Love Languages).

Let’s not allow hate and anger and fear of rejection to stop us from spreading Jesus’ top message, LOVE OTHERS.
And if we say we love Jesus, loving others should not be so hard.

Let’s reevaluate our thought life when it comes to how we view the world. Let’s not conform to the attitudes of this world but instead let’s radically transform the world with God’s Love.

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