Creating In Faith

Can you imagine if the apostles decided to put off writing the scriptures?
What if they would’ve heard God and decided to push that thought to the back of their minds?
I’m sure God would’ve used someone else because the plan must go on. But it would not have been the same though.

In their daily lives they followed God and went on to do some amazing, radical things, but none of that would have made it past that day if they would not have followed the Holy Spirits leading to write it all down.

From a writers perspective, this thought really intrigues me. I am all too familiar with procrastination, I think that’s every creatives biggest foe. You get this idea while you’re taking a shower, or driving, or about to fall asleep and you put it off till later thinking you’ll remember it. But most times, we don’t.

Let’s go back real quick though. Have you ever wondered why is it that our most interesting and noteworthy ideas come to us at the most inconvenient of times? Oh! how frustrated I used to get thinking “really?! now?!”. But recently I’ve come to realize, real world changers, radicals for Christ, aren’t made in comfort zones. Look back at all those who made things happen in the Bible, they had to do things they didn’t necessarily feel comfortable doing. They had to do things that hadn’t been done before. They had to push through their fear of public speaking and speak anyway. They had to trust God enough to pray with the window wide open anyway. They had to risk death to help their people because God had that call on their life. They brought a rock to a gun fight (so to speak) and trusted God to handle it.

These weren’t “safe” people. These weren’t people who did whatever was safe, or legal, or comfortable. They did what God asked them to do. And they did it afraid, they were probably even confused at some of the things they had to do, but they did it.
They pulled over and wrote down the words the Holy Spirit spoke into their hearts. They stopped the shower to sit with the Holy Spirit and listen to His wisdom. They stayed up late writing down every battle, every blessing, every promise so that one day God can use those words in someone else’s life. So that everything that took place then can live on to today, and tomorrow. So that through those events God can speak to peoples hearts that weren’t even born yet.

Can you imagine if the apostles didn’t feel like writing that day? Can you imagine if they choose to question what they were asked to write down? Can you imagine if they allowed themselves to make their calling about themselves and allowed their feeling of unworthiness to stop them from writing down the Word of God?

Every story in the Bible is valuable. Every mistake made, fear exposed, murder, lie, battle, sacrifice, and miracle. There is nothing in the Word that we cannot find God in. The bad shows His mercy and love and the good shows His favor and promise. And the same is true in your life today. EVERYTHING you have experienced in your life God can use for the glory of His Kingdom. Your story can be an example in so many ways to those around you.

Whether you paint, draw, write, teach, preach, have a 9 to 5, live and breathe, God wants to use you. He wants to use your skills and talents. He wants to take you to some dark places, not to discourage you, but so you can be the light those people need in order to see God.

God can move through a painting and an article just as much as He can move through a conversation and a smile.

Something God has shown me lately is that He is ALWAYS speaking to us, He is ALWAYS whispering guidance into our lives. The thing is we are too busy, too distracted, too worried, too angry, too bitter, too comfortable with our negative self-talk to discern His voice.

It can seem hard at first to know which voice is His and which is just us. But one thing I can tell you for sure is that the closer you draw into Him, His Word, and in prayer, the clearer it’ll be to your heart what He is asking you to do. I promise. You will just know with certainty that He just asked that of you.

It’s easy to hesitate and it’s even easier to procrastinate but obedience to God requires action and if you would truly trust that He is good and that He has your back I promise your life can radically change.

I will leave you with this question I read in Live Fearless by Sadie Robertson
“How would your life look if you let go of the reins of your life and drifted into His presence?”
In other words, if you truly and sincerely surrendered to His plan and voice.

Take a moment to really write that down. Sit there for a moment and think of a life fully held up by Gods hand. How different would your life look if you listened intently and walked immediately? In what ways can God use you if you let Him?

*If you care to share I would love to hear your response in the comments below.

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