How Ending A Friendship Brought Perspective On How We View God

I often wonder what exactly does it look like to have Jesus part of our everyday life. As a homeschooling mom to 3 kids that seems like a struggle most days. Usually, we go about our day doing all the things and most days saying a little thank you prayer as our heads hit the bed, we don’t fervently seek God in our day-to-day. Unless, of course, something incredibly difficult comes up and we need a good result in our favor THEN we pick up the line and call on Him for help.

But how messed up is that? I know we think to ourselves at times “I’m so sorry for calling on you only now when I desperately need an answer” but do we truly understand His goodness in those moments of desperation?

The other day God brought to memory something that happened in my life a few months ago, and He really made it real just how MESSED UP it all really is…

I had a best friend in high school and we did everything together. We had sleepovers and went everywhere together, there were times we even dressed the same. It was a fun time in my youth with her. However, as time went on and high school ended and real life started we kinda drifted apart. We went from bffs to complete strangers. We didn’t even have each other on our socials.

Until one day she reached out to me because she was in some trouble and needed a place to stay. I said yes of course because, in my thoughts, she was my best friend at one point, right. However, she’d apparently find another route and I’d never hear from her again.

That is, until the next time she was in trouble. Long story short this happened a few more times. But this last time I said yes, again, she was really close to coming. But I felt super uneasy about the whole thing because she started talking about things that would already insinuate her disappearance from my life once her stay was up. Needless to say, that got me thinking, I would only hear from her whenever she needed a place to stay. This truly hurt my feelings because I really cared about her and it was obvious she just needed help.


By now I’m sure you can see where Jesus was going with this flashback. I had experienced what He experiences, every day, in my own life with that friend. What she did to me made me feel so used and unimportant in her personal life. I was just a pawn, a stepping stone to get her to the next spot in her life. My presence wasn’t really about me but all about her.

I instantly felt terrible for all the days I’d gone without intentionally involving God in my daily tasks. I felt like a fake like I’m forgetting all about His love and mercy until it becomes convenient for my life. Calling on God only when I find myself in a bind or when life seems a bit rougher that day.

I truly love Jesus. And every time I think about His goodness and mercy it confuses the heck outta me because it’s hard for our human minds to fathom a love so unconditional as His. Which of course would mean He doesn’t hold our busyness against us but He does wish it wouldn’t hold us back from Him.

I know far too well how easy it is for life to get in the way of bible time with Jesus or how lost I can get in my own thoughts that I truly forget to just talk to Him. How simple it actually is to just take those same thoughts to Jesus and maybe just talk about them with Him. Allow Him to guide your decisions for the day, allow Him to carry your burdens. God offers us rest and help. And aren’t those things we need daily?

Help with the kids. Help with our teachers. Help in a particular subject. Rest from our job/boss. Rest from our tasks as a mother. Rest from the pressures we experience out in the world. Rest from our own thoughts most days.

God is so relevant and He is more than willing to help whenever we reach out to Him. He won’t leave us out in the dust. But… wouldn’t it be nice if we appreciated someone as generous and as loving as that with actual intention and dedication of our time?

I need to stop letting the “busyness” of life take the one thing away that could help me today.

God, help me to be more intentional with my time. Help me to reach out to you more often today and make you a part of all that I do. I pray you send little reminders for me throughout the day to thank you and just rest in your goodness. I don’t only want to remember you when I need help but I want to make you my partner in life.

Psalms 37:5
“Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust Him, and He will help you.”


We all get busy from time to time that we even neglect the ones physically around us. But it’s important to make it important to us to be present and intentional with our energy each day. What are some things keeping you busy and how can you make time to add Jesus to it? 

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