A Letter to the Church

Dear Church,

If our spiritual eyes were open to any degree than we could obviously see that the state of the Church as a whole is in some trouble. We can also tell that there is definitely not a shortage of people out there ready to “tell it like it is”. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, however, the level of compassion and true desire for the worlds’ repentance doesn’t exactly seem to be at the forefront of most of their arguments.

Nowadays I’m noticing that most people just want to be right. They want to show you how much they know and how much you don’t know. And that is not what God has called us to do.

He has called us to show this world the truth and pray that their hearts be changed by Gods Word.
Remember, it is the Holt Spirit that does the convicting and changing, not us.
We are to handle their souls with a gentleness, never compromising the truth of course but simply presenting it.

We are to mentor those around us, allowing them to witness first hand the process of sanctification in the life of a true believer.

We are to be in the Word more than in anything else.

We are to reject anything that shows up as a love for this world and remain focused on the things of Heaven.

As I’m writing these things I’m sure the reaction of a lot of people will be to say “this chick is a bit extra”.
But that’s the problem.
This world is extra! I’m sure I don’t need to tell you the evil that is making it’s way into churches, schools, policies. If you’ve been watching the news then you know that the enemy is on full attack. He is not going easy.

When we think of the apostles and saints of the past and how they lived their lives we can easily see they were fully dedicated to Jesus. The things they did would not have been possible without studying God’s Word, praying constantly, and openly talking to anyone who was willing to listen to them preach the gospel.

The apostles had reached a level of intimacy with God that a lot of us yearn for but just aren’t ready to commit to.

We want the miracles, the revelations, the fire, but we aren’t ready for the level of commitment and work that that level of intimacy requires.

Nowadays we want to read “Five Ways to Overcome This World” but we don’t want to read the Bible.
We want to know “The Secret to Hearing God’s Voice” but we don’t want to pray.

Christianity has been watered down to look like this “get out of hell” free card and everyone is signing up for it completely ignorant to the process of sanctification that comes with the walk of a believer.

Sanctification, the act of setting something, or someone, apart for a sacred purpose.

God is calling us to be set apart from this world. We are not to look exactly like the world does.
Our interest should be different from theirs.
Our time should be spent differently.
Our convictions are going to look different from the rest of the world.

We must read the Word, study it daily, dissect it and apply it to our lives.
We must have a constant communication with God.
Always sharing with Him our thoughts, feelings, desires, concerns, and seeking His guidance in all that we do.

We must correct those who misrepresent the Word of God for the sake of those listening to them, so that they don’t become lost at the expense of biblical ignorance.
And all of this can and should be done in love. We correct, rebuke, and teach, for the sake of the souls listening.

We must remember that our goal is not to “be right” but to show them the way to salvation and invite them into a relationship with the Creator of it all.

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