Struggling with Prayer

Ever notice how hard it feels to pray these days? It’s not that one doesn’t want to pray but it feels like there are just more interruptions than there were before.

You sit to pray and the kids need something.
You start to pray and remember that you have clothes to swap out in the laundry.
You’re in the middle of talking to God and suddenly your mind drifts to the long list of things you need to do or to someone you were supposed to text.

If this doesn’t happen to you then God bless you, my friend.

However, I have some ‘splaining to do…

I was thinking about how I do talk to God in my head and heart throughout the day but then the moment I want to make a serious, dedicated kneel-down moment of it, I get “busy”.
I hate that this happens to me so frequently.

I want to honor God with my time.
I want to literally throw myself before Him and spill it all out to Him.
So why can’t I?

Why do we find ourselves struggling so hard with praying to the only One we really wanna talk to?
Why do we struggle to sit with the only One Who’s always got time for us?

“Seek the LORD while you can find Him.
Call on Him now while He is near.”
-Isaiah 55:6

This verse popped into my head and my heart couldn’t help but meditate on it.
“seek Him while you still can“!
This would mean that there will come a time when we won’t have God’s ready presence there to guide or comfort us. A day like that terrifies me.

But this verse does make me think a little deeper about the times we’re in today though. The reason it is becoming so hard to pray, to speak up about God’s Truth, for people to even listen to sound Truth, or even the fact that people nowadays don’t even believe there is a Truth, is because the day this verse speaks of is drawing close.

We are coming up on a time when God will lock in everyone’s time, every choice will be accepted and finalized and the clock will stop on all that this world thinks it has to offer.

Thinking of this, knowing that my spirit really is willing but my flesh is weak, I must push harder into prayer.

Prayer changes things!

Though keeping God in our minds constantly is something we want to do,
dedicated, battle-ready, faith-filled, warrior prayer sessions are most definitely needed and required if we are going to stand against all the evil that has boldly raised itself up in this generation.

That in itself is a mission and a powerful one. So I can totally see why the enemy throws distractions and busyness in our way because if we did actually lock ourselves up in a room for an hour and battle-pray for our family and friends, things would drastically change.

I don’t know about you but this encourages me, this makes me hype for prayer.
I want to push into prayer hard and though I will fail miserably because I am human and discipline doesn’t come easy, I will pray.

So for these next 20 days of October, I am going to set aside 5 minutes every hour to talk with God.
I know 5 minutes does not sound like that warrior hour I mentioned earlier but it’s a start.
I know that once I get started, somewhere down the road my prayers are going to get better, more detailed, longer, stronger, and full of faith.
So I start. Today. 20 days.

If busyness for prayer is something you struggle with too then definitely join me.
Let’s pray. Let’s fight, God’s way.
Let’s realize the army we have available to us and start sending out angels to cover those around us, those in authority.

We can make a difference, through our prayers. Clearly, satan has figured this out already, and now so have you. So let’s fight!

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